Thursday, January 25, 2007

In the cold, cold night

On a freezing cold tuesday night, an intrepid group of knitters mosied along to the teahouse with a wide variety of projects.

We had a pair of second jumper sleeves taking shape, a wavy shawl, the turning of a sock-heel being made to look easy, and a collection of scarves including a group of first-time knitters making impressive progress.
The baby knitting faction was represented by a moss stitch baby blanket and a cute baby hat.
More unusual projects included a stuffed cat teddy, a pair of ballet-like slippers, a pocket market bag, a pair of mini socks for a teddy, and a snood (I hadn't heard of that before).
We also had some adventures in crochet, with me attempting to understand the geometry behind crocheting flat circles.

Next week Jan is planning to demonstrate how to knit the famous Mobius scarf (, and asks people wanting to give this a try to bring along a long circular needle(~80cm), and if you can cast on 100 stitches(or half the desired length of your scarf) beforehand this will help speed things up. Yarn-wise, she suggests 5mm needles and chunky yarn. Should be fun!

Thanks to everyone, I had a great time and hope to see you all again next week :o)

Man-with-pointy-sticks Hugh.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Tango and Yarn

It was a fairly nice evening, and many used the break in the rain to get out and have fun. And this time we had some very nice entertainment at the Chai: a group of people dancing the Tango, and good at that. So we will see if they are coming back again and I could imagine some exchange there: City Knitty people might try a few new steps and the Tango crowd might try a few new loops... one never knows.

As usual there was a lot of nice projects, news and ideas to be admired and shared. A mother came to visit and showed us how fast we could be knitting with the right experience, Baby clothes where knit and lace was tackled. There was a very nice vest being knit, and we had some people crochet as well. A very wild and colorful scarf was also in the mix, and some socks that still needed to be finished for Christmas.

So as usual there was a lot of fun! Come and join us next Wednesday!