Saturday, October 31, 2009

Get your hallowig on!

This week we took over (no, really) Caffé Lucano which is proving to be a popular venue – maybe something to do with the milkshakes and cake? The most unique project of the evening was the Hallowig (as spied on being crafted in purple for a halloween costume – can’t wait to see how that turned out! There were all the usual suspects, plus we welcomed back the tapestry weaver as well, with the geologic feature progressing nicely upwards. With christmas coming up, there are a lot of gifts in the making, and it seems scarves and socks are the order of the season, being winter and all. I hope your loved ones appreciate their handmade gifts. The other standout feature of the evening was the small hearts being knitted by one of our illustrious leaders, as part of a charity drive to honour a City Knitter who passed away recently.

For now I think the group is happy with Lucano, so we shall be there for the foreseeable future, so please do come along and join the knitting (crocheting, weaving etc) fun.

Cynthia, via Hugh (who prefers to think of himself as more of an 'email monkey').


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