Friday, January 12, 2007

Tango and Yarn

It was a fairly nice evening, and many used the break in the rain to get out and have fun. And this time we had some very nice entertainment at the Chai: a group of people dancing the Tango, and good at that. So we will see if they are coming back again and I could imagine some exchange there: City Knitty people might try a few new steps and the Tango crowd might try a few new loops... one never knows.

As usual there was a lot of nice projects, news and ideas to be admired and shared. A mother came to visit and showed us how fast we could be knitting with the right experience, Baby clothes where knit and lace was tackled. There was a very nice vest being knit, and we had some people crochet as well. A very wild and colorful scarf was also in the mix, and some socks that still needed to be finished for Christmas.

So as usual there was a lot of fun! Come and join us next Wednesday!


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