Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have you ever knit an octopus?

Well, I thought that was totally going to be an original opener, until I looked back at the last post and found out someone was actually in the process of putting one together! City Knitty has been particularly animal themed lately, with a lantern fish project, and the appearance of a super cute penguin and a bunny for a baby in progress. It seems the season for sweaters and socks is over. Also on the go tonight was a summer top in the brightest blue, a tunic, and a lightweight shawl. Although winter is not done for one member whose pretty pink alpaca sweater sheds over everything (well, mainly me). While all this is going on, we also chatted about a wide range of topics such as matter vs anti-matter and whether there is any object that cannot be improved by the addition of googly eyes.

Onto serious matters, there was some discussion around Knit in Public week (12 - 20 June), and where City Knitty should go to knit in public - the suggestion of Bruntsfield links was well received. Everyone was also keen that we move outside for the Wednesday knitting of that week as well if the weather is nice. There is a discussion on both Ravelry and the Yahoo group if you want to join in.

Happy taking-some-form-of-yarn-and-making-it-into-something in public!