Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Knowing when to knit

Hey people! We had a bigger meeting this week, and some fresh new faces too. We also had a big variety of different projects on display:

We had a fuzzy scarf being knit with multicoloured stripes, and Knitty's Binary scarf being made in support of engineers.
We had a very impressive looking self-patterning sock made from Lana Grossa "Meilenweit fantasy" yarn, as well as the return of the mediaeval hose, now with some experimental heels.
We had a lace shrug, based on a design in the Lace style book, being remodelled with new shaping, and a stripy cardigan for a small child in very nice pink and purple colours.
We also saw a beanie knit it cashsoft yarn in white and baby blue, a pair of transformer mittens in progess, and what I'm assured will become a cat blanket in orange bamboo yarn.
And I got to show off my toy lions \o/.

Hope you're all having a good week, and see you soon!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blogging - the "just in time" method

Hi people! We had a smaller meeting this week, but we still got a see a nice range of projects.

We had a cream coloured scarf being used to experiment with different textures and stitch
patterns. We also had a shrug knitting in pink "cotton jeans" yarn, to a pattern from the
lace style book. We got to see the medieval hose, now awaiting heels. We saw the beginnings of a cardigan being knitted in cotton tape yarn to the 'Stevie' pattern from Rowan's bamboo tape book. There was a scarf being made as a first foray into the world of cables, and the beginnings of the "Mystery stole 3", knit in extremely fine yarn. And we saw some stuffed lions being given manes.

Sorry for the late blogging this week, I'm just getting forgetful in my old age.
Hopefully will see you all later on!

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Hi people!

We had an exciting meeting this week, with even more crafts than last week, and a big crowd of visitors came to see us knit!
The un-summery weather seems to have impacted the choice of projects this week, we saw a diagonal garter stitch scarf, as well as the completion of a diagonally ribbed scarf, a seed stitch scarf knitted in a beige-y pure wool, fluffy scarves in both blue and a mixture of colours. We also had a very cool shadow knit scarf with blue stripes, back after a bit rest.
We also had a multicolour sock being knit as a test, in super-small size for a tiger toy, a completed first pair of socks, and some first attempts towards a stuffed toy lion.

We had a range of crochet projects too, including granny squares being crocheted in bright colours with a view to making a wall hanging, more of the super-delicate lacy doilies, and golden crochet roses.

We also saw a cross stitch celtic knot keyring, and got to watch some (possibly) 16th century finger loop braiding. In a blatant attempt to bribe the blogger I got to try it out, and can report that it's very fun :).

Happy crafting!