Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Festival knitting

Hi folks!
The blog is back after a short absence, but we've been knitting away all through the festival! We've gotten to see Chai busier, and we've had the chance to see some live music while we knit, although with somewhat mixed reviews.

We seemed to have a rather sock-tastic week this week, including socks knit from bamboo yarn, socks knit from 'Artesano hummingbird' alpaca yarn(with a nifty "bull's eye" heel), socks knit from with yarn from the Yarn Yard in (colours which I'm told are) sky blue, lilac and purple, and there was an attempt to modify a sock heel pattern for toy-making purposes.

We had a goodly number of scarves under way too, with a lacey scarf in Kidsilk spray yarn, a continuing Moebius strip scarf, and a big warm scarf with interesting ribbed patterns.

We also had Knitty's Shedir hat being knitted for breast cancer patients, Ysolda's Posie being modified into children's size, and we saw the completion of an oatmeal-coloured shrug, which despite what it's maker might say, I thought was really quite exciting :o).

Thanks to people for a fun and friendly evening, and I hope I'll see you again this week!