Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Knitting with rocks in

Hey people!
Rather overdue blogging this time- this entry is for the meeting two weeks ago(28/11?), so let's see how good my memory is!
In preparation for the cold weather we had a number of scarves being knit, including a blue scarf in blue Wendy Fusion yarn, and green and white scarves being knit is garter stitch by keen new knitters. We also had a shawl being knit up in merino wool, which hopefully will be good and cozy!
Carrying on the cold weather theme, we had a pair of Sanquhar gloves being knit to a SWRI pattern. These are a black and white stranded design, and apparently are quite traditional.
We had some christmas-y knitting too, with some cute snowball toys being knit to go up on a christmas tree. These were made to a pattern by Jean Greenhowe, and looking through her books I think we were all suprised how many of them we all remembered from our childhoods.

There were a couple of other projects I particularly wanted to mention too:
We had a cute baby-beanie and scarf being crocheted in autumnal brown and green colours for 1-day-old Ben- so congratulations to Ben's family!
There was also an extremely educational scarf, which had been used to teach lots of different people to knit, using different yarns, colours and stitches, and even random pieces of other materials. So not only is the scarf educational, but it has nice stories behind it's pieces too.
And finally, actually from a slightly earlier meeting(but well worth a mention) we have knitted rock-cosies, being made as part of an art project investigating how different materials affect how people react to everyday objects. I'm told these may be appearing around town at some point, so keep an eye out!