Monday, December 07, 2009

Getting hooked

Hi folks!

We had lots of new people this week, and had fun taking over half of Caffe Lucano.
We saw some an awesome multi-coloured crochet baby blanket with some very cool texture and layering effects, and some very cool hand-dyed yarn being made into a very cool pair of socks. We also saw a big christmassy jumper nearing completion, and had some extremely high-brow geographical discussions. Oh, and I gave away some organ donation awareness hearts, as part of the Remembering Juliana project. (Yep, it has capital letters now).
We had quite a cohort of crocheters, which reminds me that I need to be a little more careful about describing CK as a 'knitting' group -- what is the best term for this? Crafters? Stitchers?

Happy taking-some-form-of-yarn-and-making-it-into-something!


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