Thursday, November 18, 2010

Yarn swapping!

Oops, I knew I'd been neglecting the blog, but I'd forgotten I still haven't blogged KiP2!

Anyway, yesterday at our regular meeting we held a yarn swap, which went fantastically well, with much yarn given, much yarn received, and even more yarn stroked! Thanks to everyone who took part, particularly our generous yarn-donators -- your yarn has gone to a better place :o)
We're planning to hold the second phase of yarn swapping at this Sunday's Double Dutch meeting, so if you missed the first one there's another chance to swap yarn! I'll bring along the leftover yarn from last night too so you can see if you want any of that.
And thanks to Alana, whose idea all of this was!

We had lots of cool crafting too -- there was a resurgence of crochet, with a very cozy hat being decorated and a couple of lacy scarves underway. We got to see some needle-felting too, complete with terrifying pointy needles!
On the knitting front there was plenty going on too, including socks being knit two at a time, a beautiful cabled baby jacket, and we got to see a finished stripy scarf, a beautiful lace top and an awesome dead fish hat!

I've also been meaning to mention Woolrush yarns, where you can buy yarns (among other things) hand spun and plied by one of our own City Knitters!

Fun times!