Saturday, June 23, 2007


Hi everyone!

We had another busy evening this week, with a nice mix of long-standing city knitters and newcomers. We also had a nice mix a knit and crochet projects on the go - it's really nice to see a mix of crafts coming together!
We saw a range of cardigans underway, including Knitty's Serrano pattern knitted in black and an elegant design in cram Rowan summer tweed yarn, and the finishing touches being put to an extremely pink crochet cardigan from the Stitch'n'B*tch book. We also had a new trim being added to purple cardigan which made it's first appearance at the first ever "City Knitty in the daytime" meeting!
We had a range of socks, including a toe-up sock being knit in shades of orange, a bright multicoloured sock, and a first pair of socks in autumny colours.
We also saw a diagonally striped scarf nearing completion, and experiments with crochet and knitted cable patterns. We saw some new developments in the field of recycled carrier bag knitting too, with a collection of carrier bag hats!
Finally, we saw one big unfinished object getting quite near to completion now!

Happy knitting, and see you all soon!


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