Sunday, June 17, 2007

Oh, innocence has passed you by...

Hi everyone!

We has a really big crowd this week, and once again took over half of the Chai teahouse.

Following on from the Knitting in Public event last week, we had lots of knitters working on Innocent smoothie hats. People seem to be having lots of fun with them and enjoying experimenting with lots of different designs.
We also saw a range of scarves underway, including one lacy design, a diagonal rib pattern, and a Mobius strip, as well as a purple 'Kashmir' shawl in Sirdar silk yarn and a 'Diamond fantasy' shawl in dark blue.
We had several crochet projects, including a green handbag and a pink cardigan from the Stitch'n'B*tch "Happy hooker" book. We also got to see some amazingly fine crocheted doilies.
We saw the return of the medieval hose, a hat in multicoloured chunky yarn, the sleeves of a blue cardigan slowly approaching completion, the beginnings of a stuffed snail toy, a baby blanket in pastel shades.

We also saw a cool book of mathematically inspired cushion designs!

Hope you're all having a good week, and happy knitting!


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