Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last Wednesday

Oh dear, this might be the last time anyone suggests I write the blog! Sorry it took so long.
I do have pictures of some projects and their knitters though (does mixed media blogging cancel out the late blogging?)

Anyhow last Wednesday Chai was a bit livlier than it was the week before, and some knitting snuck in while we chatted. There were a few new knitters, one practicing with impressive patience and another figuring out how to purl in order to add moss stitch ends to a scarf. This was a great way to turn the problem of mismatched dyelots into a design feature and a learning experience. A first sock was also being worked on, along with several very diverse scarves.

Some yarns made from interesting fibres, like banana and soy were passed around - and petted - while we tried to figure out how they made such silky yarn from soy beans. From what I can find online it's a by-product of making tofu and is made from the protein, rather than plant fibres, but how exactly it's made is still a bit of a mystery.

Hopefully I shall see you tomorrow :)

p.s. we also talked about plans for June the 9th - worldwide knit in public day. I think the current idea is for a picnic (of a relaxed potluck sort) on Bruntsfield Links. How does that sound? Given that this is Edinburgh we might want to cross our fingers (not while knitting) that it doesn't rain and make a back up plan in case it does. Can anyone think of a sheltered but public venue?


Blogger Alison said...

do i have to wear black if I come tonight? ;)

9:28 am  
Blogger Knittiana! said...

I miss visiting and chatting... Maybe next week, although I have now been ordered to stay in and rest. Well, got to show of the belly, so I'll try and just take a taxi...

8:46 pm  

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