Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunny Sunday Knitting

As an addition to the more frequently blogged Wednesday sessions we also have weekend meetups. We alternate between Saturdays and Sundays in an attempt to make sure no one has an excuse not to make it at least once in a while.

We meet at Double Dutch, which is lovely all the time but really comes into its own on a sunny day.

We were a small group yesterday but we still managed to scare up 2 sock projects and the finishing of a baby jumper between us. The irrational fear of finishing was discussed and it was agreed this was an advantage of socks - very little finishing required. However, after some false starts the sleeves were safely attached and the jumper looked adorable. As well as all this excitement your intrepid reporter managed to eat two cakes and they were amazing.

Next week Double Dutch is on a Saturday. I may only have one cake next time.


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