Saturday, June 02, 2007

Tales of a knitted earth

Hi people!

We had a big group this week, a good mix of projects and the return of some knitters we haven't seen for a while!
Cardigans seem to be a firm favourite at the moment, we saw two heading towards completion, with sleeves in purple and blue underway, as well as a child-sized cardigan with some very nice coloured stripes, and a Bolero(which I'm reliably informed is a kind of cardigan).
Another favourite just now seem to be socks, and while I didn't note down many details, there was a whole range of them in progress.
We also had a good few scarves, including a colourful garter stitch scarf, a complicated-looking lace one(who's pattern is now being spread around the world by our globetrotting visitors), continuing moss stitch embellishments to a green garter stitch scarf, as well as the return of the recycled carrier bag scarves. We also saw a black shawl knit from ribbon yarn with a cool fluffy trim.
We had the finishing touchs being put to a toy snail too, and I got helped with crochet edgings for a lacy doilie - thank you to people for helping with that!

Thanks to everyone for coming along, it was a really fun night and I hope to knit with you all again soon!


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