Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quiet evening

Chai Teahouse was quite quiet this evening outside of the group of knitters sharing projects and ideas. As fits the recent change in the weather, there were lots of wintery projects on the needles. Four scarves were in progress: a scarf knit from soft, fluffy grey monster yarn; a zany explosion of blue, purple and gold fuzz and ribbon yarn; random prime number stripes in red, brown and green; a shadow knitting illusion scarf in blue and light blue; and a cyan-greeny scarf with a rib neck and garter stitch ends for the New York City Mission. A watchcap in blue yarn was started and a new knitter relearned how to cast on and knit 1x1 rib. Finally, the second of a pair of light blue thigh high woolen stockings was well underway complete with a recently mastered cuban heel.

Knit on, friends.



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