Sunday, June 10, 2007

Let them eat cake!

Our picnic on Saturday for world wide knit in public day was very successful. We ate a ridiculous amount of cakes, a few more savoury things and drank lots of smoothies that were generously provided by Innocent.

Despite a gloomy start to the day it turned out warm and sunny and felt like the first proper summer day. It was so warm that we had to go and find an ice bucket to try and keep the smoothies cool - after someone started talking about how they had been known to ferment and explode! Sun screen was also a necessity, although even with it my arms are kind of burnt.
There were lots of knitters coming and going throughout the afternoon. Some familiar city knitty faces, some from Rachel Henderson's knitting group and others who we have hopefully now recruited. Rachel even brought along her own film crew, who were rather bemused by the whole knitting in public thing, but happy to help eat our cakes. I think they were making a documentary about Rachel and her knitting group.

HandKnit had put together adorable kits with yarn and pattern to make hats for the Innocent smoothie hat campaign. Aren't they cute?


More photos of the day gathered together in our shiny new flickr group. You are of course welcome to join and add any photos you have of city knitty events.

It became pretty apparent on Saturday that there are lots of knitters in Edinburgh who have no idea this group exists. Several showed up because they'd heard about it from HandKnit but didn't know about us, while I've also had some comments on my own blog from people who wished they had known we were meeting sooner. It seems like we need to do some publicity and let knitters know what we're doing.

Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow and if you didn't make it on Saturday I think someone will be bringing some leftover smoothie hat kits along.


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