Tuesday, November 07, 2006

City Knitty @ Chai Teahouse

This was definitely a good start to the City Knitty tour of Edinburgh venues! Twelve knitters made themselves at home on sofas, stools and chairs around dark wooden tables with steaming pots of tea keeping warm on twinkling tea lights. It was a pretty nice evening. There was plenty of light for knitting, crochet and cross-stitch and plenty of conversation flowing around and across the table - something which can be quite an effort when the City Cafe is in full swing. All in all, a promising contender!

Full advantage was taken of the ample overhead lighting as we got stuck into our latest projects. One lucky Jack Russell Terrier was going to be the recipient of a dog sweater knit in seed stitch with a stylish cable running down the back. Simple but colourful garter stitch squares were being produced for a Debbie Bliss patchwork baby blanket. The glamorous Lady of Sharon cross-stitch piece returned to be better appreciated and worked in better light this time, and there were some warm thick mittens with cables knit with wool fresh off the sheep and spun with the lanolin still in the fibre. More cables were taking shape on the sofa as some experimentation for cable swatch bookmarks was underway. More gloves appeared but knitted fingers were also shunned in favour of a cool fingerless glove pattern from knitty.com in lana grossa Cool 2000 yarn in a pinky-orangey- purple colourway.

Cold feet were not to be neglected either with a pair of creamy, knee high medieval hose following an old traditional pattern, and a simple sock pattern in a cosy burnished orange, red and dark green yarn by Meilenweit. The practical knitting continued in a range of exciting scarf patterns. The colourful chevron scarf returned to be knit from either end and then joined in the middle (for nice shapely chevrons at both ends) and a lovely feather and fern lace pattern in fuschia using Rowan Kidsilk Haze caught a fair few eyes as well. The final scarf was the first ever project for a knitter who just learned that night and was soon well on her way to producing a chunky cream and blue wool garter stitch scarf. Congratulations! Finally, sweet pom-poms made of a light blue, pink and yellow yarn were being created for a young child's poncho. Definitely the thing for these brisk wintery days coming upon us.

There was also a link recommendation: http://www.yarndex.com/
An online index for yarns detailing fibre, gauge and so on. An invaluable tool for yarn substitutions and finding out about discontinued yarns.

Our next meeting will be at the pub Standing Order on George Street over in New Town.

Do come join us!



Blogger rathgild said...

The teas at Chai are wonderful. We sampled a "display" tea (Huangshan Green Mu Dan with Chrysanthemum) which was very pretty to look at as well as tasty to drink. It was also really nice to be somewhere that had enough light for me to be able to do some stitching.

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