Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Daytime City Knitty: Scottish Parliament Cafe - [07.10.2006]

What with being the seat of the nation's power and having a free creche, it had to be agreed that having a knitting meet up in the Scottish Parliament cafe was a pretty dang cool idea. It was also the first time that we've undergone a full on security check as bags were scanned and belts removed to go through the metal detector. Once inside we found ourselves in a light, airy space with plenty of exhibits, guided tours and freedom to wander into the main chamber (you could smell the scottish wood). Children were taken to the free creche to play and the adults settled themselves round a couple of tables in the public cafe.

So I think our knitters represented themselves very well with a good varied selection of colourful and fun knitting. There were purple and yellow mittens, a pink and white fluffy hat and socks in pink, green, blue, orange and orange regia yarn and dark blue, brown and cream opal yarn. There was a crochet baby blanket in orange, green and yellow. A blue version of the 'Go everywhere, go with everything' cardigan from the Stitch and Bitch book was receiving a blue and lilac fluffy yarn crocheted trim. A cute little bag was knitting up in a Lana Gross merino acrylic mix up in pink, orange and green. Felting was also present with the i-cord handle for a blue booga bag and an already felted version which was very cute. Oh, and there was a completed knitted womb from the pattern for the friend who has everything!

It was also a time for passing round recently discovered knitting books and magazines. Books to look out for included Knitting for the First Time, Scarf Style and From Needles to Hook - Knit to Crochet Patterns Conversion. The last book dealt with how to convert knitting patterns into crochet patterns and in hindsight it seems strange that such a good idea for a book hadn't been realised before. The latest issue of the magazine Knit Today was out and discount flyers for the new McAree Brothers knitting and haberdashery shop were distributed to all.

In summary, it can be said that the parliament is well worth a visit, friendly to knitters (we met an older lady who was thrilled to see knitting and showed us her lovely handspun wool and wooden buttons) and it's a good place to bring along young ones to play in the creche. I do wonder whether meeting in parliament makes this the ultimate stitch 'n' bitch seeing as we brought the stitching to a place where there's sure to be plenty of the latter.

Stitch on and may your voices be heard!



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