Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We got post!

So, we settled down to our usual evening of knitting and relaxing only to discover that we had post. There it was. A letter addressed to City Knitty care of City Cafe, 19 Blair St. It was one of those business envelopes with a window and the address was neatly printed on the letter inside. The contents turned out to be a flyer and accompanying letter informing us of the recent publication of 'The History of Knitting Pin Gauges' by Sheila Williams published by Melrose Books. It's the culmination of 2 years research by the author and does seem to cover some other aspects of knitting tools as well. Even though it's a random advert, it is nice to think that we were noticed.

So what was happening knit-wise? There was a soft grey soft toy just starting on the needles following Ysolde's Stuffies pattern. Newly discovered cable techniques were taking bloom in a number of swatches with multi-coloured cables (a really nice idea). A 100% cotton yarn was being knit into a cute chevron scarf in lime, turquoise, yellow and pink. We were also treated to a tantalising glimpse of a cross-stitch project for next week which was a sumptuous image of the Lady of Sharon with incredible colour and detail. Moving to a lighter venue means that we'll be seeing more cross-stitch and other finer projects on Wednesday nights. More rich colours were on display in a knitted sock made from a locally hand-dyed yarn in orange and green hues (called tomato plant. :). If you haven't come across them yet, the Yarn Yard dyes yarns in exquisite colourways, and they're based just outside Edinburgh! - The Yarn Yard:

Oh, and next week's city knitty will be at the Chai Teahouse (on Merchant Street off Candlemaker Row) from 7.30pm onwards: -

Come check it out!



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