Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The clarion call for sock knitters

It was a surprisingly warm evening as the first of the sock warriors assembled to prepare for their upcoming campaign. "Sock warriors? " I may hear you ask. Indeed. Sock Wars is the challenge set for all those sock knitters among you. The premise is quite simple: interested knitters register to participate, they are given details of a yarn and desired gauge, on a set date they will receive a sock pattern and the name and required size of a fellow participant. The challenge is to knit a pair of socks for that person as quick as possible and send it to them, once they receive your socks they are knocked out of the competition and must send you their uncompleted socks and target name for you to complete and similarly remove from the competition. However, while you're doing this, there is also another knitter out there with your name and a pair of socks in progress. Everyone ends up with a pair of socks knitted by someone else and the overall winner receives knitting-related prizes. There are several participants from Edinburgh this year and they've formed Team City Knitty to cheer each other on and share progress. So we'll be reporting on the Team City Knitty news in this blog. Good luck to all of them! For more info, see the Sock Wars website:

Socks featured prominently this week as a long grey ribbed pair for a husband. a sock swatch for the Sock Wars challenge and a first ever pair of knitted socks reached the heel flap. There was plenty more to appreciate though: a red and black striped jumper with a different stitch pattern on each side to give the wearer a choice, a lovely light slivery-grey bolero jacket for a baby, a black shawl with a simply lacey pattern and a new knitter practising her first stitches on yarn found at a local charity shop.

Here's to bringing the excitement to knitting!



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