Thursday, October 05, 2006

New beginnings

There were a couple of new faces at knitting tonight, which wasn't unusual but always a nice thing to notice. One new knitter had bravely decided to come along and ask to be shown her very first stitches and another new face produced a very snuggly, fun, loopy, teal coloured scarf. A further rummage in her bag produced yet more snuggly, loopy yarn in a warm brown and bright multi-colours. Elsewhere, the last arm of a children's donkey jacket, some dark blue neat gauntlets (wrist-warmers), a reversible red and black pullover and the manly mittens pattern from were taking shape. Finally, there were over the knee length socks or hose following a pattern for socks worn in the late 17th - late 16th century, which just goes to show that you can keep a good thing down.

Another new beginning was in the air as flyers for the opening of the new McAree Brothers knitting and haberdashery shop were passed around. The shop opens on Monday 9th this month on 19 Howe Street and there's a 10% discount available with their flyer. Knitters of Edinburgh welcome this further addition to the city's knitting opportunities.

Enjoy the new treats!



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