Thursday, October 19, 2006

Good times!

Maybe it was just me and the fact that I was eating a goodly portion of spicy potato wedges and bruschetta, but tonight seemed like a really satisfying and fun night. There were lots of people sat about talking and lots of interesting people to talk to with varied projects. As suits the season there were two pairs or mittens on the go. One pair, was an elegant brown and black rendition of the Manly Mitts from and the other pair was a dark blue and white pair with really interesting colourwork and lots of detail. You could tell that wearing either pair would be a real treat this winter. There were a couple of pullovers including the Viveka pattern from A nice light blue children's beret was just starting today and a moss stitch hooded blanket from Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits was making good progress as well.

Unusually, there were jumpers being knit and crocheted for dolls on 1mm and 2mm needles and hooks. If you're wondering how you find wool that thin, you simply take a nice several ply yarn and unravel to use two strands at a time. The packet of tiny pink doll's buttons were phenomenally cute. Also unbelievably cute was a finished knitted geometric stuffed tube trefoil shape with eyes. Somehow mathematically interesting shapes become insanely cute when knitted and given googly eyes. Another slightly larger one is in the works as well, which allows us to investigate whether the cuteness factor of a googly eyed, knitted shape dimishes with increasing size.

Remember to take the knitted cuteness in life where you can!



Anonymous Liz Ashton said...

I'll be bringing my crochet hooks and some patterns and books along next week for anyone who wants to learn/practice their crochet. It's easy and fun, and opens up a whole world of new design possibilities :)

Liz A. (The doll clothes knitter)

3:23 am  

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