Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Autumn breezes

Well, weren't we treated to a fine display of what the weather can be capable of! The temperature remained pleasant while the wind blustered and buffeted playfully about; if somewhat roughly on occasion. However, it was a good wind that brought many knitters to our table.

The changing seasons inspired one knitter to turn to Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitters' Almanac and get started on the Wishbone Sweater in a good, chunky, grey wool. Nearby, an inviting cardigan knit with Guernsey wool from the Shetlands was underway complete with the recipients initials in a band of detail. Another gift taking shape was the second of a pair of red socks and a swatch of Jaeger Matchmaker Merino in 1x1 rib. A long, blue, unusual rib pattern cardigan was well on the way to realising a design from the finnish company Novita. Finally, another first sock was being knit, this time with Regia self-patterning yarn.

The season for warm knitting is upon us!



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