Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Small, but wonderful...

There were lots of little objects being knit tonight, although being small definitely didn't rule out being complex in some cases. There was a sock in self-patterning yarn with brown, white and dark blue, little garter stitch squares for a baby blanket, a crocheted hat in a chunky grey-creamy-reddish kind of yarn and a nice neat row of double chain crochet stitches made for the first time. There were also some little creatures taking shape on the needles; the Knitted Torus project continues with the beginnings of a badger, and also in its infant stages was a knitted mouse - a Sirdar pattern that may actually be the sweetest knitting pattern in existence ever. The whole table was reduced to high-pitched "Aw" noises when confronted with the cover picture depicting a scene filled with knitted mice in varied and multi-colour attire. It was simply adorable.

May the only mice in your home be knitted!



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