Thursday, February 01, 2007

These woollen ideas

Hidely-ho, knitterinos!

Another exciting evening of knitting this week, with lots of newcomers and lots of exciting new projects including a variety of scarves, from a nice mottled garter stitch to big and chunky with detours through funky diagonal ribs, and the beginnings of a black hat and a cool purse with an intricate textured pattern.

We also got to see a lovely fluffy baby jacket and a pair of stripy orange socks nearing completion.

Some old favourites made a return too, including a wavy shawl, a jumper knit on a circular needle, and a pair of medieval hose. More unconventional projects included continuing experiments with knitting ties, the beginnings of a glove puppet, a 'Pirate Queen' bag and a pair of socks for cosplay purposes.

We also learnt how to cast on Mobius scarves(special thanks to Jan for repeating the bits I missed!), and got to see the (pretty amazing) completed version of the stranded jumper from last week.

I hope you all had as much fun as I did :o)

Man-with-pointy-sticks Hugh.


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