Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sunny Saturday Knitting

Well, that was nice. We met at Double Dutch, coffee, tea, and the sweetest hot chocolate on the planet was drunk. And some very nice looking food and cakes were seen at the table too.

Projects were pretty varied -

One knitter brought her loopa, so we were able to see it in action - instant gratification was the verdict,

Val was knitting a soon to be finished (provided it stays short) fluffy purple scarf,

Sally was working on her first adult sized sock, and popped out to get the guardian so we could see the Craft supplement in it today,

Sid was making a stripey hottie cover, and had brough along a copy of take back the knit she picked up in HK handknit. pretty interesting articles including one on vegan knitting and the patterns included socks for flip flops.

Jenny was working the ribbing on a hat - and the yarn was pretty amazing, blue grey fluffy stuff with splashes of silver all over. not a silver thread, but literally splashes of silver from what I could see

I was working on the 4th sleeve of the epic pullover - nearly there, just 20 rows to go! and I'd brought along a few copies of Slipknot (no don't google for it) the quarterly journal of the Knitting and Crochet Guild. Some of the pictures in it were edifying, to say the least. if even one city knitty member joins the guild, our meetups can be listed in their journal and webiste. i might just be that member.

Suzie joined us to watch and chat, and we managed to leaflet one of the employees.

We talked about stuff to do at the museum on the 18th - we think that the plastic bag knitting is going to be popular, and it looks like we'll have to draw lots to see who gets to be madame dafarge... the guillotine is going to be popular, who wants to make up the rota?

There was talk of doing the same again next saturday - 2pm, but check the yahoo group, any discussion will be taking place there.

Cheers... Alison


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