Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Knitting

Hi, people!

This week saw new appearances by several old favourite projects, including medieval hose, a moss stitch baby blanket, a super-foldable shopping bag, a grey jumper with nifty pink highlights, and a scarf with funky diagonal stripes.

We had a selection of adventurous new knitters too, with first attempts at scarves and socks, and an exciting collection of projects entering second iterations, including scarves with a variety of stitch patterns and sparkly yarns, an extremely cute stuffed cat(soon to be joined by more cat-friends), and an ever-expanding empire of chunky variegated scarves.

Keeping alive the spirit of experimentation, we saw experiments in basketweave stitch and a hat being knit from first principles, without any pattern at all.

We also got to play with some shadow knitting, which seems like a great way to spread subliminal knitting propoganda.

Happy Valentines day to everyone, and see you all soon :o)
Man-with-pointy-sticks Hugh.


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