Wednesday, November 15, 2006

City Knitty @ Favorit

The miserable wet and cold weather was no deterrent to the steady stream of knitters who came in to share knitting and hot chocolate. We tucked ourselves away by the bar at the tables by the window with gentle red neon light cast over our knitting. The music wasn't too obtrusive, the overhead lights were good for knitting but the neon light did make distinguishing colours and fine work a bit difficult. It was a fun and lively place to knit though!

There was a good deal of interesting knitting to be found under the neon light. There was a fun knitted handbag using three yarns held together - two chunky yarns and a fuzzy black novelty yarn, a Jaeger baby bootees pattern being customised for premature babies' tiny feet, a pair of rainbow Knucks with a mitten part being incorporated into the original pattern and adorable cable knitted vests for friends' recent and imminent arrivals in a green and a beige 4ply cotton yarn. A simple knitted beanie hat showed off the subtle variations in the brown yarn dyed locally by The Yarn Yard and, indeed, the Yarn Yard artisan herself was present learning to knit toe-up socks using her own sock yarn in electra and purple!

There were plenty of other new patterns and techniques being learned. A new knitter was getting comfortable with garter stitch and the exasperated comments of two knitters trying to teach themselves a tubular cast on struck a chord with many a fellow knitter. A 1x1 rib scarf was being knit with stripes designed using the online random stripe generator ( ) and a finished moebius loop scarf was much admired for its aesthetic as well as its geeky appeal. A knitted brown bookmark with a celtic plait stitch pattern inspired another knitter to start a rose dk merino scarf with a diamond brocade stitch pattern. Both stitch patterns came from the 'Ultimate Sourcebook of Knitting and Crochet' (Harmony Guides) and there were plenty more attractive stitch patterns to be found in there.

Next week, we will be meeting at Double Dutch, the cafe on Marshall Street.

Keep warm, dry and knitting!



Anonymous natalie said...

It was great to meet everyone, and to ogle everyone elses knitting. On inspecting my toe-ups they are a bit holey, but I think that's down to the low lighting more than anything else, so I may frog and start sgain. It's strange to be doing somthing very familiar but with a new method, a bit like driving on the right instead of the left and going round roundabouts back to front on holiday. See you next week.

2:07 pm  

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