Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cold, Cold, COLD outside!

I arrived on a cold night, to see that I was early enough for a seat on the sofa!

Lis was knitting a mohair lace scarf for her Aunt, I set to on the third sleeve for the epic extra warm cabled pullover. Well, actually I set to a glass of wine first. (The third sleeve is just the first replacement for the other two which were too big, so don't worry too much.)

Linde had just time to show us her knitted bunny, and tell us that next was going to be an aardvark before heading off again.

Nuala was knitting a hat from the very first edition of Knitty. That's Fall02 - 4 years ago.

Liz arrived and proceeded to cast on for a doll's jumper on 1mm needles, with 1 ply yarn. Honestly, Liz, me with my super chunky, you with your *1 ply*.

Ana had no knitting, but she had brought chocolate chip cookes, and she did help Lis & Liz work out a tubular cast on for an ipod cozy. (I had to ask what a tubular cast on is.)

Martin had no knitting with him either, but he does own a hat hand-knitted by Carol Meldrum of HK Hanfknit, so I suppose that's ok. He doesn't knit *yet*. Oh yes.

We took advantage of Chai's "buy two large glasses and get the rest of the bottle" offer, and we need to remember that for future weeks, I know we've talked about Chai being a bit expensive - but if we all decide to drink the same thing a 250ml glass of wine comes down to about £3.15.

Oh and my bus home was early.


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