Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Settling in

It's our second permanent session in our new home Chai and things are looking nice and cozy as we managed to snag the corner with the nice sofa. There were plenty of knitters and plenty of cool projects to look at and talk about.

New this week were a lot of interesting projects: There was a sweet children's cardigan with a scallop edge and a little stitch pattern detail every 5th row, a green crochet flower, a crochet hat and a mauve and purple crochet flower to be added, a super cute garter stitch dolphin, purple white and dark blue socks and a black and white illusion scarf with a hidden piano keyboard design. An impressively unusual project was the entrelac christmas stocking which used 7 kinds of green 4 ply yarn and stuck out in all directions and in all textures and colours. I can't find a picure online at the moment, so the knitter responsible may be asked to volunteer one of the finished project. There was a swatch for the latest incarnation of the Snow White jumper - and a first stocking stitch swatch. Also, there was a Janosch cross-stitch design complete with Tigerente!!! (Tigerduck!!!) and a childrens cardigan with an arrows design.

Ongoing projects included: a blue cotton wrap cardigan, a kidsilk haze 'something special' scarf, 'fetching fingerless' gloves from, a moss green rib scarf and a grey cable vine with flowers. One finished moebius loop scarf made an appearance and another moebius scarf was cast on with a new knitter.

Interesting news for this week was 'Knitting with Balls' the knitting book for men - It's good to see some knitting patterns and books finally aimed at men and those who want to knit for/with them. More men and their knitting can be found at the Men Knit site -

Good luck with the festive preparations everyone!



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