Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Fair, fair lace

There was some beautiful lace knitting to be seen tonight. One freshly blocked and perfect rust reddish alpaca scarf in an off-the-cuff modified mix of leaf and tree lace patterns. It was beautiful. Still in progress was a cardigan knit with cotton tape using a baby fern lace pattern and then a plainer pattern creating an empress line style bust and body. This one's going to look gorgeous when it's finished and the pattern naturally made a neat scalloped edge at the bottom. Very sweet. Last of all, a swatch of 1x1 rib in 4 ply merino was being knitted to prepare for a random prime number width stripy scarf. So all projects present were custom designed by the knitters themselves.

Here's to designing it for yourself!



Blogger Alison said...

Boy did I need the escape last night. I'm sure that having had a nice relaxing evening at knitting last night, I'll be so much more able to enjoy toddler motherhood today. maybe.

9:51 am  

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