Wednesday, July 26, 2006

City Knitty blog is born...

Welcome all to the City Knitty blog!

This is where you will find news from the City Knitty stitch 'n' b*tch group in Edinburgh, Scotland. We'll be telling you about our latest goings on as well as crafty news from Edinburgh and beyond (Yarn sale anyone?).

First a little bit about ourselves:

City Knitty is a group of knitters, crocheters, seamstresses and misc. crafters who like to share tips and projects and meet new people. Anyone is welcome from beginner to expert and we have a pretty mixed range of projects and skills. Meeting details are below.

Wednesday evenings
7.30 pm onwards
City Cafe,
Blair St, Edinburgh (off the Royal Mile near the Tron.)

This week:

*phew* is the weather hot this week! Despite the heat all this week's projects were scarves - one lovely lace leaf pattern alpaca, one big fun stripy shawl and one blue fluffy fuzzy scarf. Many soft drinks with lots of ice were consumed.

Enjoy the weather, everyone!



Blogger SheilaMac said...

Well done and thanks for doing this. I really just wanted to leave a comment mostly as recognition for you, although normally I'm an inveterate lurker.

Ideas? I suppose another use we could make of this, in addition to what you've mentioned, would be to share our current projects? Don't know if that is practical though.

Anyway, good stuff. Carry on!

10:30 am  
Blogger gourdongirl said...

Great....a local blog about knitting etc in the Edinburgh area.
I agree with sheilamac it would be good if we could share our FO's and WIP coz some of us don't get to the meetings because of family or work commitments. It should be possible as I'm in several communal blogs where we all can post comments. Think you have to be invited to join before you can post.

5:50 pm  
Blogger City Knitty, Edinburgh said...

Good ideas. I need to go look how to make this a 'community blog' then....

10:51 pm  

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