Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The festival arrives...

Wow was the City Cafe heaving tonight! Although, sadly it wasn't all knitters. With some dilligence and patience we were able to snag our usual table though. On the needles tonight were a crocheted afghan from granny squares of soothing tones of cream, fawn, light blue and some yellow, a not yet determined cardigan/wrap/top with a baby fern knitted lace pattern in blue and blue fluzzy yarn legwarmers from my excess novelty yarn pile. Plans were discussed for a meet up later this month while the festival is in town.

May your needles and hooks be deft and swift!



Blogger Alison said...

yes, and i still haven't decided if it will be a cardi or not - which will require more sewing up I wonder?
oh, and can we switch off the word verification? i doubt we'll get comment spammed by robots!

11:33 am  
Blogger City Knitty, Edinburgh said...

Word verification is switched off now. It seemed like a pretty harmless cautionary measure at the time...

3:27 pm  

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