Monday, October 29, 2007

Tea, knitting and cake

Hey people!

We haven't seen much blog-action for a while, so here we go!
Last week saw a good deal of experimental and unconventional knitting. We had a sock being knit in pink and green Maizy yarn, made from corn fibre- vegan-tastic! We also had a pair of purple and green socks being knit(simultaneously) in special hand-dyed only-one-of-it's-kind 'Prom queen' yarn. We also saw Sirdar's town and country sock yarn being used to make a sideways-knit self-patterning waistcoat, following a pattern from the Not just socks book, which is full of funky non-sock-based things to do with sock yarn.

We also saw the finishing touches being put to a Mobius scarf with a delicate crocheted edging being added using a modified fan stitch. Continuing the scarf theme, there were also some experiments with a motif for a shadow knit scarf.

Finally(and perhaps most unconventionally of all), we saw a cupcake hat taking shape, with purple icing being added to a brown cake base, and plans for sprinkles and a cherry on top as it progresses.

Thanks people, and hope to see you next week!


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